The Saina Development Network Company was established in 2004 and has since developed into one of the leading companies in the area of security systems and video surveillance, computer and telecommunication networks, as well as designing and developing specialized software for a variety of platforms. The company also specializes in consulting and contracting with private companies and government departments in information technology.

The majority of our customers are beginners and home users, small and large businesses, public and private organizations, and we provide them with the world’s most advanced communication and information technology technologies. Additionally, we strive to ensure that our customers across the country bear the lowest costs while having access to the latest and best equipment. .

Saina Development Network indicators

A large part of the daily life of the people of the world has been impacted by computer networks and virtual communication systems based on internal networks and the global Internet. A professional executive and contractor who has experience, expertise and high technical knowledge is one of the most important aspects of utilizing modern equipment and technologies. Particularly when it comes to online monitoring and protection systems that have the potential to be abused.

Free consultation

An expert’s advice is the first step in purchasing, using, and improving productivity of a product or technology. Our consultants have always maintained a positive attitude toward our clients regardless of whether or not they make a purchase. As a result, establishing a positive mindset even if the client does not make a purchase has always been the top priority of our consultants. The objective of our firm is to provide the best advice in order to provide our clients with the best services possible.

Technical support

Among the different brands available on the market, selling the best brand is one of the most important services in selling a product. The next step is to provide after-sales services to customers. An important part of these services is to provide the best support for products as quickly as possible.

Valid warranty

As a result of the wide range of brands and the quality of parts that are available, the warranty of a product is one of the most important factors in selecting a service provider. Since electronic products are always susceptible to unwanted damage, Saina provides our dear customers with an original and valid warranty.

Update on products

There are many new horizons opening up in the world of information and communication technology every day. A major objective of Saina Development Network is to provide its customers with the most up-to-date equipment and technologies according to global technology.

Aggregation of services

In both terms of time and money, it is most likely that a project from zero to one hundred is more cost-effective and principled to be carried out by a team. Fortunately, Saina Development Network company has this feature.

Warehouse stock

No lack, only abundance! This law plays an important role in the global trade market. As a result, every effort has been made to ensure that the equipment and products needed by the market are always present in the company’s warehouse.

Sales unit

Sales experts at Saina Development Network provide appropriate consulting services to customers in order to enable them to make a well-informed and satisfying purchase. Due to the wide range of customers we serve, our colleagues in the sales department serve as the channel between the company and the customer. The work of this collection is based on customer orientation and honest interaction with the customer. Through comprehensive information about all products and services, this unit assists the customer in choosing the right product based on his needs and ensures the customer’s satisfaction.

The main duties of this unit are as follows:

Identifying customer needs

Providing goods and services to customers

Product and service

Estimation of product prices

The research and development of markets

Analyzing opportunities and threats

Collaboration with research and development and support units in order to enhance customer service

Project unit

With the creation of a project department and the employing of experienced personnel knowledgeable in network video surveillance, Saina Development Network Company has made an effective contribution to the improvement of network and video surveillance systems throughout the country through the creation of a project department. Through years of experience and the handling of large-scale projects in the country, this specialized team is well positioned to offer the best service possible to customers.

Providing organizations and companies with specialized project proposals as follows:

Network infrastructure design and implementation

Design of a network monitoring system and control of video surveillance systems

Establishing a communication infrastructure among monitoring centers

Consulting services regarding various aspects of video surveillance (traffic control, urban monitoring, monitoring of places, etc.).

Video surveillance systems design and implementation

The company’s technical experts reviewed the comprehensive design in 3 seasons, including a technical evaluation and an assessment of the project’s requirements. In the comprehensive design, the company with technical and executive support has chosen the highest quality equipment and the appropriate installation solution, a safe and stable system in consideration of the client’s needs and the equilibrium of cost and quality.


We at Siana Development Network have established an after-sales service unit in order to ensure that all consumers’ rights are respected and that the best after-sales services are provided to them. All the efforts of our specialists are aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction.

After-sales service is responsible for providing technical assistance to customers and representatives. It is the responsibility of this unit to identify the technical requirements of customers and formulate the necessary solutions to address these needs.

Over the years, we have taken pride in the quality of our products and services, as well as the satisfaction of our customers with our after-sales service


As part of its commitment to scientific development, the Saina Development Network Company holds training courses in the areas of computer networks and video surveillance systems.

The advancement of technology and science have led to the deepening of education, which has attracted the attention of many experts, users, and enthusiasts due to its significant importance in solving problems. Our training unit is equipped with the latest educational facilities and educational assistance, as well as professors with extensive experience and a stellar record of success. As a result, the company has taken advantage of these facilities and environment in order to train an expert workforce that can conduct the above courses by awarding an international degree from the Technical and Professional Research and Coach Training Center of the country.