The customers of each collection represent the quality of that collection in a way.By referring to this section , you can get acquainted with a part of the resume and customers of Saina Development Network Company

After_Sales service and warranty

All products of Saina Development Network Company have a valid warranty and after_sales services for 2 to 5 years.


This section of the site deals with a corner of the applications of wireless,cable and CCTV Networks under the Network in different businesses , guilds and organizations.

Feasibility study

This section allows you to send project feasibility request to our experts online.

some of the customers
About us

We are pleased to provide equipment and knowledge related to information and commiunication technology,we will have a small contribution to the comprehensive development of our beloved country Iran.

Saina is committed to provide the best practices in IT services and products to consumers acorss the country through consulting,sales and after_sales services (support and training)in hardware and software.

Some projects

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Why choose Saina?


Our consultations view of a client has never been profitable,but continuation of working relationship and the creation of a positive mentality,never if the customer does not buy,it has always been the top priority of our consultants.

Updated products

In the IT world,a  new window opens every day,providing modern equipment and technologies in accordance with global technology is one of Saina’s goals and the lastest products are offered.

Consolidation of services

What is certain is that doing zero to one hundred projects by one team,both in time and financially,it is more cost_effevtive and principled,fortunately, Saina Company has this property.


Abundance yes,lack no!

In the global trade market,this ia an important rule,so we have tried to always have as many products and equipment as the market needs in the company’s warehouse.

Technical support

The most important services in selling a product is after_sales services and the most important after_sales services in Network equipment is providing technical support for the products offered.

Valid warranty

Today,th warranty of a product is one of the most important options.because electronic products are always prone to unwanted damage,Saina with the original valid warranty, has raised this concern.

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